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SATANIC SPELLS FOR MONEY OR mint money rituals are famous because they are very simple to carry out. And to make matters even better, they have been proven time and again that they work within the shortest time possible. And it’s because of these two reasons that most people prefer them over many other money rituals.


Therefore, the fact that its core ingredients are readily available is just icing on the already sweetened cake. The ingredients for these rituals include mint, warm wax and a fireplace. And if you don’t have a fireplace, feel free to light a small fire that can easily be contained. When you have all the ingredients, light up the fire right before throwing the mint in it, letting it burn to ashes. Collect the mint ash and burn a candle over it.


Then pick a coin and put in your wallet while imagining that awesome feeling of coming into lots of money. This spell is simple and doesn’t feel satanic at any point. Therefore, feel free to try it out because it works perfectly!

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